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About EndQuotes

People often ask us “What’s the point?” and “Who even are you?”
EndQuotes was thought up by a group of friends to create a ridiculous, intellectual, and sometimes degenerate card game for party night. Yes, there are similar card games out there. No, we are not affiliated.

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EndQuotes lets you mash up hundreds of unforgettable lines from philosophers, movies, tv, songs, books, and more! It consists of two decks of cards: one with quotes with their endings missing, and one with those endings. Scan the QR code on any card to see the full quote.

  • Each round, one player reads a Question Card and the other players respond with their most (in)appropriate Answer Card.
  • The active player then reveals these cards and chooses the ending card that, in their opinion, is the best ending for the quote.
  • The winning player gets the quote card. Once a player has won a pre-determined number of quote cards, that player wins.

Special rule! If a player happens to have an Answer Card that completes the active player’s Question Card (like in the example above), they can yell “EndQuote” and show everyone the card. If the player is correct, they can pick up an extra question card. If they are incorrect, they must discard one of their winning Question Cards.

Winning combinations

Just a few of the 57+ quadrillion possible quote combinations.

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