EndQuotes Card Game – Set of 2


A party game for literate degenerates. Mash up epic quotes and take your game night to the next level!



This is a SET of 2 full card games.

EndQuotes lets you mash up hundreds of unforgettable lines from philosophers, movies, tv, songs, books, and more! It consists of two decks of cards: one with quotes with their endings missing, and one with those endings. Each round, the active player draws a quote card, then the other players each secretly choose an ending card in their hand to end that quote with and plays it face-down on the table. The active player then reveals these cards and chooses the ending card that, in their opinion, is the best ending for the quote. The winning player gets the quote card. Once a player has won a pre-determined number of quote cards, that player wins.

  • Each round, one player reads a Question Card and the other players respond with their most (in)appropriate Answer Card.
  • Quotes are sourced from books, songs, television, movies, and culture at large. Point a phone at any card to see the full quote.
  • Professional box with sleek, minimalist design includes instruction pamphlet and 500 premium-quality, poker-sized cards.
  • Designed for 3-8 players, ages 17+.

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